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Founded in 2000, located in São Paulo and with a global activity, the Instituto Crescer is mainly focused on EDUCATION.

Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of Education quality, helping people to pursue their dreams and make them come true.

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  • Commitment
  • Sustainability
  • Respect for diversity
  • Participation Value
  • Creativity and innovation

Global activities with competence in local teams and distance management

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Training Pillars


Support to training pillars through creative and innovative practices, as well as through the use of digital technologies.

Training of Education Professionals

Investment in ongoing teachers and education leader’s training through classroom-based, mixed and distance learning activities focused on the promotion of quality education.

Professional Qualification

Articulation with the local business community, seeking to foster entrepreneurship and employability. Management of Internship Programs, Young Apprentice Program and Technical-operational qualifications.

Community Development

Implementation of educational initiatives to promote reflections on a New Education, the empowerment of individuals, community development and support to education initiatives.



We act in the entire productive chain, which involves the implementation of quality education programs:

Educational Diagnosis

Educational Results Screening and Evaluation Projects

Production of educational material in different media

Management of educational programs and professional qualification

Teachers and education leader’s training

Organization of events and educational, sports and cultural workshops

Advocacy of Quality Education

Offer of classroom-based, mixed and distance courses.

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institutional programs

Teachers and school managers training focused on fostering education innovation through the implementation of new teaching practices that together with the support of new technologies can involve students in the learning process.

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Initiative that involves the implementation of multicultural online projects together with the students, seeking to develop their basic skills for the XXI Century, besides the knowledge on other realities, cultures and people.

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A joint venture with the Chilean program Your Class, Your Country. The program aims at promoting a complete Basic Education teacher development through the participation in virtual learning communities and online courses.

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